Phosphorus Imperfect on Financial Times Weekend

Financial Times print newspaper has a supplement which focuses on high-end properties, interiors, architecture and gardens. This full-colour, internationally-focused and globally-distributed weekend edition is read by consumers looking to buy and upgrade their homes. It contains in-depth features on well-known and up-and-coming UK and international property markets, illustrated with stunning pictures of architecture, interiors and gardens.

Phosphorus Imperfect thermosculptural radiators have been chosen by editor Harriet Baker for her article “How to save the Hearth. Fireplaces, stoves and radiators that offer innovative environmentally friendly ways to heat mountain homes”.


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New thermosculpture radiators

We just designed and produced a new line of radiators that emphasize the features of our patented t-sculpt process: the accuracy and beauty of the shape obtained through aluminium casting and refined surface finishes, the improvements in functionality and energetic savings, the complete recyclability…

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Shackleton Event at Expo

Phosphorus Imperfect and ho1 are part of a new project were design meets multimedia. 
Shackleton thermosculpture has been chosen as part of the installation and performance project Forrás at the EXPO Hungarian Pavillion from September 21st untill October 31st. Shackleton is the symbolic presence of the Forrás project, representing the heavenly world, the highest step in the shamanic journey and the vital energy of water, both inspiring themes for the architecture of the pavillion. 

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